Vistr forecasting
for peace of mind

Priced for makers and value creators



free forever

Our Basic plan, empowers you to solve basic cashflow visibility (money in vs. money out).

  • • One Business, One user, One Advisor

  • Visualise your cashflows over the next 4 weeks to 3 months. Sync'd to your Xero Account, its always up to date

    Use your time to solve problems, not data entry!

    • Short-term prediction horizons (4 and 12 weeks)

    • Use AR/AP to drive forecast, or build your own custom rules

    • Fine-grained control of rules, timing, and reference periods


$19 /mo

$200 per year*

The ideal forecasting tool for small businesses and advisors.
See around the corner, plan how to best use your resources!

  • One Primary Business

    • Five Users

    • One Advisor

    • Expandable — Additional Users/Advisors ($5/month)

    • Additional Businesses $10/month

  • Perfect for regular forecasting and sharing with stakeholders

    • Forecast 12 months into future

    • Import /Export budgets

    • Collaborate with Advisor

  • All of the features of Freedom plus:

    • Fully customise your forecast categories,

    • Advanced forecasting rules including growth rates and ratios

    • Export, print your forecast (PDF, CSV, Graphs)

    • Integrate with Budgets

    • Bulk-edit invoices (AP/AR)

    • Utilise Draft Invoices and Purchase orders in your forecast

Our vision

creating value for
value creators


Our vision is to help value creators, like you, have the cash and capital to deliver more value for your customers.  

If you can deliver value for them, then you can grow, adding more value and achieving your dreams and aspirations.

We give you the basic tools for free in a Cloud-native browser based software platform that you can plug into your accounting system and within minutes generate insights about how your tracking, and solve future cashflow problems.

To grow, we also provide you with the tools you need (at a cost) to enable you to plan, test ideas and their financial impacts, and to collaborate with your financial advisors, investors and partners.

We aspire to enable you to better manage your cash, spend less time on administration and grow your business. by providing the best value forecasting and cash management tools on the planet.