Simple and intelligent forecasting

See beyond the horizon.

Get peace of mind


See your future.

Full Forecast.png

Visualise it.

  • Know where your heading over near term and next year

  • Forecast Money In and Money Out

  • Set Tax obligations including

    • Sales taxes — VAT/GST

    • Payroll Witholdings — PAYG/PAYE

    • Income Tax

  • Easily customise categories


… and drill into the details

Organise your categories

Choose from our out-of-the-box simple structure, OR

customise the structure to fit your business

Easy to set up

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See where to take action

Stay in control of customer and supplier payments.
See the impact of payment timing :

  • Money In from customers

  • Money Out for suppliers

Organise actions around overdue invoices

Adjust invoice dates to match your expectations and immediately see impact on cash resources



Set the rules, no restrictions

  • Flexible, precise, and accurate all without formulas

  • Smart algorithms generate expected flows, based on your historical performance

  • Customise to suit your unique needs

Auto predict customer payments


Customers not paying on due dates?

Not sure what the impact is?

Smart algorithms predict invoice payment dates, automatically updating your cashflow.

Stormy or Sunny?

To predict your future, you need the good information you can use easily

Vistr provides you with accurate,

up to date data

So you can choose your best path

Grow different.

Face into your future