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Start here when you’ve got questions about Vistr!

+ How long does it take to generate my first forecast

Once you have registered and synchronised Vistr to your cloud accounting system Vistr will automatically produce a forecast based on your data.
It does this by looking at your outstanding invoices (Money In /Out) and scheduling them into the coming weeks based on historical behavior with your trading partners. It then sets up automatic rules for your biggest categories of revenue and cost. All you need to do is:
1. Organise your categories and map your accounts to them;
2. Modify the rules that apply to these accounts; &
3. Choose whether to add-in Taxes (VAT/GST, Employee tax witholdings, and Income Tax!

+ Can I modify my forecast structure

Yes! When Vistr launches, it is set up with a simple cashflow structure based on the formula of:
Cash (end of period) = Cash Today + Money In - Money Out
By clicking on your organisation name (top left) you can change the forecast structure to include any and all accounts, and then customise the structure by selecting to [Edit] the forecast table.
Drill down on each forecast category to modify the rules to meet your needs.

+ What countries is Vistr available in

Vistr is available globally. All countries, and all currencies. We currently match currency symbols for countries that use the currency symboles of Dollars [$], British Pounds [£] and Euro's [€]

+ Can I Share my forecast with my accountant/client

Vistr is made to be shared!
Every business can assign one User and one Advisor (or more for paid accounts). You can customise how the users can export/share content. We have built in the functionality to Print/ Export to PDF/ or CSV. You can even export in a structure that can be uploaded to the Xero Budgeting tool